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Solution To Steam Consumption Of Dryer Cylinder

In the paper production process, when the water is seriously accumulated in the dryer cylinder, the heat transfer intensity of dryer cylinder, the steam consumption of the ton of paper and the speed of vehicle are affected. Therefore, it is necessary to take effective measures to prevent water accumulation in the dryer cylinder during drying process.

Improvement Of Dryer Structure

In the multi-channel dryer of new structure, the steam is restricted to flow in the small passage space close to the inner surface of dryer, and the heat is condensed, and the condensed water is pushed by the subsequent steam to flow out from the outlet of the passage, so that the drainage is very easy and can be reduced. Energy consumption, increase vehicle speed and reduce the size of dryer.

Installation Of Turbulator

The installation of turbulator on the inner wall of dryer cylinder can reduce the thickness of the water ring in the dryer cylinder, prevent the water ring from being produced in the operation of dryer cylinder, ensure the maximum heat conduction efficiency of dryer cylinder, and make the drainage smooth because of the increase of surface temperature of dryer cylinder and the uniformity of transverse temperature distribution.

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