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Waste Paper Bale Breaker Equipment


Bale breaker is for waste paper bale breaking and selecting, so the bale breaker machine should pay attention to maintenance in paper making process for lomg service life.

Bale Breaker Machine Maintenance

1. Check the bale breaker components are normal;

2. Under normal circumstances, start motor to make bale breaker equipment operate, when the equipment is running normally, start chain conveyor equipment began to feed. The waste paper bundle is continuously filtered into bale breaker equipment, and the dispersed waste paper is continuously sent away. Since then, normally working.

3. When downtime, firstly stop chain conveyor, stop feeding, when the material in bale breaker machine barrel body has been discharged, can be downtime. To ensure the next boot time with space load.

4. After shutdown, should clean the bale breaker equipment, to maintain the wheel and drive without garbage debris.

5. The supporting wheel and baffle bearing are injected oil once a month.

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