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150,000Ton Corrugated Paper Making Project, Shanxi, China


Shanxi paper mill order Leizhan complete set of paper pulping equipment for 150,000ton corrugated paper making project. In October, 2017, Leizhan successfully deliver the 40m3 D-type hydrapulper, high density cleaner to Shanxi paper industry, China.

D-Type Hydrapulper& High Density Cleaner

D-Type Hydrapulper: Mainly for raw material pulping. Can apply for all kinds of material, high efficiency, good pulping effect.

High Density Cleaner: Mainly for removing heavy impurities in the pulp. High cleaning efficiency, wear resistance ceramis cone, long service life.

40m3 D-Type Hydrapulper

Normal Volume: 40m3

Consistency: 3%-5%

Production Capacity: 300-370t/d

Motor Power: 355kw

Customer Information

Customer: Shanxi Paper Mill

Time: October, 2017

Project: 150,000Ton Corrugated Paper Making Project

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