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200,000T/Y Paper Making Line, Xinjiang, China


For 200,000 t/y paper making line, Xinjiang, China, Leizhan will supply the complete paper pulping equipment, In February, 2018, Leizhan successfully delivered the 3500mm drum pulper, high density cleaner and low density cleaner equipment.

Last time, for Xinjiang xinrui old paper production line, Leizhan m.c. pressure screen and light impurity separator energy-saving effect are approved by Xinjiang paper industry, so Xinjiang xinrui paper industry once again choose Leizhan for the 200,000ton paper making.

Paper Pulping Equipment

Conveying System: Chain Conveyor

Pulping System: Drum pulper

Coarse And Fine Screening System: M.C. Pressure Screen

Cleaning System: High density cleaner, low density density

Approach System: Inflow Pressure Screen

Customer Information

Customer: Xinjiang, China

Time: February, 2018

Project: 200,000T/Y Paper Making

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