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200TPD Packing Paper Making Project, Jiangxi, China


In November, 2017, Leizhan deliver D-type hydrapulper, low density cleaner, pressure screen equipment, etc to Jiangxi, China for 200tpd packing paper making project. Actually, for 200tpd packing paper making, Jiangxi paper mill purchase Leizhan pulping system, coarse screen, fine screen system and low density cleaning system.

D-Type Hydrapulper& Low Density Cleaner

D-Type Hydrapulper: Mainly for waste paper pulping. D-type structure changes the pulp flow ways, make the contact more quick and frequent between the pulp and rotor, so pulping time shorten, and capacity is improved.

Low Density Cleaner: Mainly for removing impurities in the pulp. The bottom of cone adopts wear-resistant ceramics, it ensures the stable deslagging and long service life.

Customer Information

Customer: Jiangxi, China

Time: November, 2017

Project: 200TPD Packing Paper Making Project

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