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Corrugated Cardboard Paper Pulp Line Machine

For corrugated cardboard paper project, customers ordered our full paper pulp ling machine. As an excellent manufacturer and supplier, we supply it with great cost. Depend on our contact, we keep our word to send it to them.

Corrugated Cardboard Paper Pulp Line Machine Information

1. Project name
Corrugated paper mill project.
Cardboard paper production line.
Packaging paper project.
2. Paper pulping line equipment
Drum pulper, bale breaker, chain conveyor, reject separator, impurity separator, refiner, mid consistency pressre screen, inflow pressure screen, vibrating screen, agitator, etc.
3. Delivery machine
Chain conveyor, bale breaker, supported accessories.
4. Time: Oct 15, 2021

About corrugated cardboard paper production line, we also have paper making machine for sale. If you need price or details of Leizhan supplier, welcome to email or message us.

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