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Duplex Board Paper Making Line Machine

For duplex board paper making line, customers ordered our whole paper pulping equipment, stock preparation system machine, which will be used in their paper mill. This delivery details are as follows.

Duplex Board Paper Making Line Machine Delivery

Paper project: duplex board paper production line
Output paper: duplex board paper, white paper board
Production capacity: 300,000 tons per year
Ordered equipment: H.C. hydrapulper, high density cleaner, M.C. pressure screen, chain conveyor, double disc refiner, drum pulper, fiber separator, reject separator, D type pulper, inflow pressure screen before paper machine.
Delivery machine: drum pulper, etc.
Time: May 15th, 2021

In paper mill, we also provide paper machine for duplex board paper making line. If you have other demand, our professional will meet it. Welcome to email or message us for price of our machine.

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