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Grey Board Paper Making Line Pulp Machine

A large and well-known paper mill had a new grey board paper making line with the 400,000 tons per year. After their consideration, customers bought our pulp machine for their paper mill project. Here are some delivery information.

Grey Board Paper Making Line Pulp Machine Delivery

1. Delivery time: 2 Nov, 2020
2. Paper project: duplex board paper making line
3. Shipped equipment: M.C. pressure screen, inflow pressure screen, energy-saving screen, curved screen, fiber separator, low density cleaner, and support accessories, etc.

Our paper pulp machine can be used in making tissue paper, kraft paper, office paper, corrugated paper, specialty paper, corrugated paper, office paper, duplex paper, etc. If you are interested in this grey board paper making line, or our pulp making, welcome to contact us at any time.

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