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Paper Mill Machine Delivery To Qinyang

Good news: Qinyang customers purchased various types of paper mill pulping equipment from our company for their paper mill projects. They choose us from among many suppliers and sign contracts with us. The paper mill machine of our company has been applied in many customers’ papermaking projects and has excellent performance. We keep our promises and deliver on time.

Paper Mill Machine Details

1.Order equipment
Chain conveyor, d type hydrapulper, pressure screen, cleaner, drum screen, ragger, rope cutter, grapple
2.Delivery equipment
d type hydrapulper and support accessories
3.D type hydrapulper features: The new energy-saving VOKES rotor enhances hydraulic circulation and fiber release.

We focus on paper mill machine and have gained high recognition from customers and the market. If you are interested in our machines, please feel free to send us an email or leave a message.

Our email:leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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