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Paper Mill Pulp Equipment Refiner To Zhejiang

According to the needs of Zhejiang customers, our company provides RF20 refiners and supporting spare parts for their newly built project production lines. We delivered to them on time and got lots of great reviews. In addition, we also provide complete sets of pulping equipment and paper machine spare parts for paper production line.

Pulp Equipment To Zhejiang

Delivery time: Sep 11, 2023
Delivery equipment: refiner and supporting accessories.
Role of refiner: mainly applied for pulping, improving slurry beating degree to meet the paper making needs in paper mill production line.

No matter what type of paper you want to create, our team can meet your needs. We also provide technical support in the paper and pulping process. Our paper machines and pulping machines have been sold to many paper mills in Russia and other countries. More details await you.
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