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Paper Project Pulping Line Machine

For paper project, customers bought our pulping line machine, which can be suitable for various kinds of paper making process for paper mill. Depend on our contract, we had this delivery.

Paper Project Pulping Line Machine Delivery

1. Delivery time: Sep 11, 2021
2. Ordered equipment: drum pulper, chain conveyor, high density cleaner, hydrapulper, etc.
3. Shipped machine: chain conveyor, hydrapulper, high density cleaner and supported accessories, etc.
4.Suitable for paper project
specialty paper, grey board paper, coated duplex paper board, high strength corrugated paper, kraft paper production line.

As a manufacturer, we supply all of equipment for paper project and pulping line. If you are interested in our machine or this delivery details for paper mill, welcome to email or message us.

Our email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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