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Paper Pulp Equipment For Paper Mill

One of our customers bought our paper pulp equipment again for their paper mill production line. Before, they adopted our whole set of paper pulping line machine. And we had this delivery on time.

Paper Pulp Equipment For Paper Mill Project

Delivery machine: chain conveyor, D type hydrapulper
Date: April 21, 2021
Chain conveyor: convey various kinds of pulp board, waste paper in bulk and in bundle, which can be horizontal conveyor or inclined conveyor.
D type pulper: used for pulping various kinds of raw material, such as pulp board, waste paper, broken paper, etc.

About paper pulp machine, we also provide pressure screen, double disc refiner, high density cleaner, agitator, etc. Certainly, our paper machine also can be used for paper mill. Welcome to email or message us.

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