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Paper Pulp Screening Machine Manufacturer

For paper mill project, customers purchased our paper pulp screening machine from many manufacturers and suppliers. In Jan 29th, 2021, we delivered their order about curved screen and M.C. pressure screen.

Paper Pulp Screening Machine Manufacturer Details

1. Curved screen
It can be used for fiber recovery, pulp thickening, white water purification, fiber fractionating, separation of biber and filler and sewage treatment.
2. Mid consistency pressure screen
This pressure screen is widely used in coarse and fine screening process. It has lots of advantages of saving energy, improving capacity, running efficiently and stably, etc.
3. Leizhan manufacturer
Experience: 40 years
Equipment: all kinds of equipment for paper mill production line
Export country: all over the world
Manufacturer or not: yes, we are a manufacturer that is popular and fisrt-choice in a large number of customers.

About paper pulp screening machine or leizhan manufacturer, or other project for paper mill, we will give you details and quotation. Welcome to email or message us. Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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