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Pulp Equipment Reject Separator To Xinjiang

According to the needs of Xinjiang Dongsheng paper industry, our company provides pulping equipment and supporting spare parts for its new project production line. We delivered them on time and got a lot of good reviews. In addition, we also provide complete sets of pulping equipment and paper machine spare parts for paper production lines.

Pulp Equipment To Xinjiang

Delivery time: Sep 5th-Sep 16th, 2023
Delivery equipment: chain conveyor, bale breaker, reject separator and supporting accessories.
Note: We supply complete pulping machine in paper production line, such as hydrapulper, high density cleaner, pressure screen. They have common features of reducing cost and saving energy.

No matter what type of paper you want made, our team can meet your needs. And we also provide technical support during papermaking and pulping process. Our paper and pulping machines have been sold to many paper mills in Russia and other countries. More details are waiting for you.
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