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Pulp Machine Exported To Jordan

A customer from  Jordan ordered 200tpd T paper and white liner paper making line machine from our company. We can offer whole set machine for all kinds of pulp and paper making line.


1.Order equipment
High consistency hydrapulper, D-type hydrapulper, chain conveyor, ragger, rope cutter, hydrapurger, reject separator, light impurity separator , flotation deinking machine, middle consistency pressure screen, inflow pressure screen, drum screen, vibrating screen, high  density cleaner, low density cleaner, agitator, grapple, pulp pump, etc.
2.Delivery equipment
Low density cleaner, ejector, continuous impurity-removing system and supporting accessories.
3.Delivery time: Apr 8th, 2023

Our machines are also equipped with a series of intelligent functions, such as automatic feeding, automatic adjustment, automatic detection, to make your production process faster and more efficient. Our email:leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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