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Pulp Making Line Machine

Customers from Philippine bought our pulp making machine for their paper mill project, including thickener, agitator. On Nov 23, 2021, we send these equipment to them.

Pulp Making Line Machine Delivery

1. Delivery machine
Inclined screw thickener, agitator, etc.
2. Inclined screw thickener
Mainly used for washing and thickening all kinds of paper pulp.
Type: ZNX series
Production capacity: 12 – 130t/d
3. Agitator
Stir pulp cyclically in chest to maintain pulp liquid in suspending condition. It can ensure pulp components even distribution.

Our pulp making line machine has certification with ISO, CE, etc. Their advantages have high quality, great efficiency, attractive cost, less energy consumption. For paper mill project, we also have paper equipment for sale.

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