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Vietnam 350T/22H Cardboard/Corrugated Paper Project

This time, the Vietnam customer newly launched the 350T/22H Cardboard/Corrugated paper project, and the main equipment ordered this time are: chain conveyor, D-type pulper, drum screen, rapper, rope cutter, grapple, M.C. pressure screen, high and low density cleaner, reject separator, Inflow pressure screen, fiber separator, vibrating screen, refiner, agitator.

350T/22H Cardboard/Corrugated Paper Pulping Delivery

Project: 350T/22H Cardboard/Corrugated Paper Pulping

Time: 04th January, 2020

Paper Pulping Device: Pulper body, transmission, chain conveyor, drum screen, rapper and supporting accessories.

Leizhan has supported many paper plant for their Cardboard/Corrugated Paper making business by exporting pulp and paper machine to their countries. If you have any demand with machine, welcome to contact us: leizhanpulper@gmail.com.

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