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10T/D Kraft Paper Making Project


10tpd kraft paper making project include kraft paper making and kraft paper pulping process, the 1400mm kraft paper machine is suitable for 10t/d kraft paper making.

1400mm Kraft Paper Machine

Types of products: Kraft paper

Paper base weight: 80-180g/m2

Net of paper width: 1400mm

Rail distance: 2200mm

Capacity: 10t/d

Working speed: 80m/min

Designed speed: 100m/min

Transmission type: AC frequency fractional driver

Kraft Paper Pulping Process

Top Layer Pulping: The raw material is newspaper and office paper. Firstly the raw material is conveyed into vertical hydrapulper for pulping, then the pulp is into the high density cleaner for cleaining, after the pulp go through inclined screen for thickening, is conveyed into refienr equipment for further pulping, finally, the pulp into preesure screen before paper machine, then the top layer pulp is ready.

Bottom Layer Pulping: The raw material is OCC. First, the raw material is into D-type hydrapulper, after pulping, the pulp will be cleaned with high density cleaner, then the pulp will be proceed coarse screen and fine screen with M.C. pressure screen equipment, after screening, the refiner equipment is for further pulping, finally the pulp go into inflow pressure screen for screening, and the bottom layer pulp is also ready.

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