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2400mm Kraft Liner Paper Machine Price

Customers can adopt wood pulp, waste paper to produce kraft paper. Depend on their demand, we provide them with 2400mm kraft liner paper machine, which has less price and great quality. Besides, our paper pulp making line can be used in kraft paper project.

2400mm Kraft Liner Paper Machine Price & Specification

1. Kraft liner board paper machine
Raw material: wood pulp, waste paper
Trimmed width: 2400mm
Paper type: kraft paper
Production capacity: 50t/d
Basic weight: 80 – 100gsm
2. Price and quality
Customers who bought this machine thought it had attractive price and great value. In terms of quality, it has the certification of ISO and others.
3. Paper pulp making system
according to your requirements and needs, our enginner can design the proposal. Our paper pulping line contains pulper, cleaner, pressure screen, refiner and so on.

About 2400mm kraft liner paper machine price and more details, or whole kraft paper production line, welcome to email our for your paper mill. Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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