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Double-Layer Kraft/ Testliner Paper Machine


The double-layer kraft/ testliner paper machine use the OCC as material to make kraft paper, the finished paper making need go through paper pulping process and paper making process.

Kraft/ Testliner Paper Machine

Type: Double-Layer Kraft Paper Machine

Raw Material: OCC

Net Width: 4600mm

Base Weight: 90-160g/m2

Capacity 350TPD

Design Speed: 450m/min

Maximum Speed: 400m/min

Kraft/ Testliner Paper Making

The kraft/ testliner paper pulping is use the OCC as material, the raw material go through fractionating screen in paper pulping process, and divided into long fiber, medium fiber and short fiber, the medium fiber go into paper machine top layer, the long fiber mixed with short fiber go into bottom layer for paper making.

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