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Drum Pulper Equipment Work Principle


Drum Pulper is a new type, advanced waste paper pulping equipment for breaking continuously and coarse screening of the waste paper material under the high consistency , it can maximum keep the physical property of the fiber.

Drum Pulper Equiupment Structure

Drum Pulper Equiupment mainly consists of feed hopper, barrel, riding wheel supporting part, power drive device, pulp chest and so on, the barrel can be divided into three parts: pre-soaking area, pulping area and screening area.

Drum Pulper Equiupment Work Principle

First, waste paper raw material are conveyed into pre-soaking part by chain conveyor for soaking, waste paper and beating use water enter pre-soaking area through feed hopper and all materials are mixed, soaked. Then the waste paper into the pulping area, with the rotation of the drum, waste paper is took up by the lifting board on the inner wall, fall after rise to a certain height, and impact with the hard inner surface, so the waste paper in pulping area after repeated falls and strikes, under the mild pulping action of shear force and friction, was dissociated into single fiber. After that waste paper pulp into the screening area, pulp will be washed and diluted by water spray pipe, so fine fiber will pass through screen holes and flow into pulp chest, heavy impurities will stay in screening area for constantly elutriating, finally discharge from discharge mouth at the end of drum.

Drum Pulper Equiupment Maintenance

1. Speed reducer uses industrial gear oil and need to change every three months. When using new speed reducer for the first time, after running 20 days, must use new lubricating oil.

2. Ofeten check if transmission gear lubrication is good.

3. Regularly check if there are loose bolts of each part.

4. Small and large riding wheel of roller device use oil spray lubrication and check once a day.

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