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High Density Cleaner

High Density Cleaner

High Density Cleaner is a cleaner equipment with high consistency cleaning pulp, it separates heavy impurities from pulp by using the different proportion of fiber and impurity to make the goal of cleaning pulp,and it’s essential for waste paper recycling.

Main Feature

1. Volute Pulp inflow chamber, the eddy ability is strong and low pressure area subarea is obvious. This makes accepts and impurities separate thoroughly.

2. Wear resistance ceramics cone, long service life.

3. Specially designed long cone has small taper angle and fine cleaning efficiency.

4. Equipped with PLC control cabinet, convenient and easy to control, sufficiently discharging impurities

Main Specification

Nominal Size 1000 2000 3500 5000 6500 9000
Throughput(l/min) 900-1400 1800-2600 3000-4500 4500-5800 5800-7500 8000-12000
Concentration Of Input Pulp(%) 2-5
Pressure Of Input Pulp(mpa) 0.15-0.35
Pressure Of Output Pulp(mpa) 0.1-0.25
Pressure Of Backwash Water(mpa) Pressure of Input pulp +0.02Mpa
Discharging Mode Manual/Auto/Intermittence/Continuous

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