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Hydrapulper Influence Factors

During the operation of hydrapulper, the impeller plays an important role, which is, as the rotor speed increases, the impact force of the fiber mass will increase greatly, and impact force is proportional to the square of rotor speed. Besides, cycle speed, temperature and concentration also have different extent influence on hydrapulper.

Cycle Or Agitate

1.The rate of breaking is usually proportional to the strength of mechanical action.
2.Agitating or turning is critical to pulping, it is unfavorable for production if the pulper doesn’t cycle well.
3.When the waste paper and broke paper are broken, the paper should be repeatedly inserted into the vortex area of the pulper.
4.Only under the impact of the rapidly rotating blades, broke and fiber mass can be dispersed.
5.Basically, when the paper leaves rotating peak zone and enters low-speed circulation zone, fiber separation won’t occur again.

Temperature Effect

1.For a given beating pulp requirement, the energy required for a high speed rotor decreases as the temperature increases.
2.Beating pulp time and energy will reduced if the temperature is increased.

Concentration effect

1.Under fixed temperature conditions, the concentration range from 3% to 8% has no effect on the breaking time.
2.The complete disintegration of the fiber under high concentration can greatly reduce the power consumption. Maintain high concentration and disintegration is feasible; good circulation is the decisive factor for increasing the concentration of disintegration and reducing the cost of disintegration.

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