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OCC Recycling And Pulping Line Machine

In the OCC recycling and pulping process, more and more customers are purchasing our equipment for their OCC pulp making projects. This is because our OCC recycling and pulping line machines have the advantages of low cost, low maintenance, high efficiency, stable operation and maximizing your profits.

OCC Recycling And Pulping Line Machine

1. Paper project: kraft/corrugated/cultural/tissue paper project
2. Production capacity: design according to your need
3. OCC pulp making line
Chain conveyor → D type hydrapulper → High density cleaner → Inclined screen Mid consistency coarse screen → Reject separator → Mid density cleaner → Mid consistency fine screen → Inclined screen → Double disc refiner → Inflow pressure screen before paper machine

Leizhan company is committed to providing superior products and services to pulp and paper mills. And our professional team always tries its best to do so and keeps receiving praise from customers. If you want to know any information about OCC recycling and pulping line equipment, please feel free to contact us.

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