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Paper Factory Machine For Producing Kraft Paper


Leizhan delivers complete kraft paper making plant for Paper producers. The full kraft paper making line contains: Stock preparation system and kraft paper making system.

Stock preparation machine for kraft paper factory

Pulper: Drum pulper, D-Hydrapulper, Vertical hydrapulper

Pulp cleaning: H.D. cleaner, L.D. cleaner

Screening: M.C. pressure screen, Vibrating screen, Reject separator, etc.

Refiner: Double disc refiner

Thickening: Pulp washer, Inclined thickener

Kraft paper making machine for paper plant

Paper Grade Kraft Paper Board
Trimmed Width(mm) 1880-5800
Basic Weight Range(GSM) 80-200
Operating Speed(m/min) 150-800
Production Capacity(TPD) 45-750

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