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Paper Mill Recycling Line Machine

Waste paper recycling production lines can be applied to produce many types of paper. We provide low-cost complete sets of waste paper recycling and pulping line equipment for customers’ paper mill projects. Additionally, if you need various spare parts, we can provide them as well.

Paper Mill Recycling Line Details

Raw material: waste paper, waste carton, waste cardboard, wood pulp, etc
Production capacity: design according to your need
Output paper: kraft paper, corrugated paper, tissue paper, cultural paper, etc.
Equipment: pulper equipment, refiner equipment, cleaner equipment, screening equipment, thickener equipment, etc.
Note: Leizhan company engineers are responsible for the whole installation and debugging work

According to your different production materials, our engineers will develop technical solutions for pulp production process. If you want to know more details about waste paper recycling production line, please email or leave a message.

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