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Paper Sizing Machine For Paper Mill

The emulsified glue is continuously, evenly and stably coated on the surface of the paper through sizing machine. After a series of physical effects such as wetting, penetration and extrusion, an extremely thin waterproof layer is formed on the surface of the paper. Significantly improve the water absorbency of paper and improve the tightness of paper.

 Paper Sizing Machine Details

1.Paper sizing is divided into internal sizing and surface sizing .
Internal sizing: Internal sizing is produced when the sizing agent is mixed with the pulp during pulping or batching, so that the fibers can absorb the colloid and then become paper.
Surface sizing: Surface sizing is produced when the paper is dry, spraying sizing agent on the formed paper page to improve the hydrolysis resistance of the paper and improve the hardness and strength of the paper.
Reduce equipment corrosion and extend equipment life;
Improve the strength of paper, prevent deterioration and extend the use and storage time;
Improve the smoothness, volume and printing adaptability of the paper;

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