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Pulp Pressure Screen Operation


Pressure screen equipment is the common equipment for pulp screening in paper pulping process. So in the operation process of pressure screen equipment, what tips can you get about pulp pressure screen equipment?

Pressure Screen Equipment Operation Tips

1. Pulp concentration: In the low concentration range of pressure screen equipment, due to the increase of pulp concentration, the fibers are easy to form a certain degree of interwoven network in the pulp, impeding the passage of impurities such as fiber clusters through the screen plate, and thus the pulp screening efficiency is high.

2. Inlet and output pressure difference: Raising the pulp pressure screen equipment pressure difference can increase the production capacity. However, after the pressure difference is increased, the power to promote the slurry is increased, so that the throughput of impurities is also increased, resulting in decreased efficiency.

3. Deslagging rate: In general, increasing the pressure screen equipment deslagging rate will facilitate the discharge of screening slag, thus reducing the residence time of the slag in the pressure screen, reducing the chance of passing through the screening holes, and improving the pulp screening efficiency.

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