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Response For Paper Break In Press Section


The method of judging the paper break of the press section is mainly to observe whether the current indication is normal and the magnitude of the swing. If serious imbalance or abnormal swing is found on the ammeter, you should first perform empty car debugging to find the cause of the imbalance and adjust the parameters to stabilize the system.

Specific Inspections In Press Section

1) Whether there is poor contact of each connection line, especially the associated signal lines, such as feedback lines, communication lines, input and output lines between load distribution points, etc.

2) The PLC program checks whether the upper and lower limits of the parameters are set properly, whether there is an error in the calculation program, whether the program is executed correctly, etc.

3) Check the inverter parameters, whether the torque compensation is set properly, and whether the default parameters are consistent with the motor parameters.

4) Whether the motor is normal, whether there is abnormal sound and abnormal heat. If all of the above are normal, then it is preliminarily determined that the electrical is normal, and observe the reasons for the process and raw materials.

It is inevitable that some faluts occur in the paper making process, if you have any problem during using our machine, engineers will help you to slove it.

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