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Screw Press Washer Equipment Maintenance


Screw press washer equipment is mainly for pulp washing and thickening, for equipment running normally, there are some screw washer equipment maintenance tips.

1. Check the bearing before starting screw press washer equipment, gear and other lubrication points whether are filled with grease, low-speed start, and then gradually increased to normal speed operation.

2. After boot check whether the rotation parts is smooth, needn’t have noise, vibration and other abnormal phenomena.

3. Feed should be stopped before boot, and until all the slurry inside the screw press washer equipment is pressed out, then can stop.

4. After stopping, the screw sieve plate of screw press washer equipment should be cleaned to prevent slurry and dirt influencing use.

5. The lubrication points should be regularly checked in operation, the screw shaft temperature shall not exceed 60 degrees.

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