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Set Up Paper Recycling Plant

In recent years, more and more customers want to settting up a waste paper recycling plant, so they buy our complete set of stock preparation line equipment. This is because our machine have the advantages of lower costs, less maintenance, more efficiency, stable operation and maximizing your benefits.

Paper Recycling Plant Brife Introduction

1. Waste paper recycling machine
2. Waste cardboard paper recycling system
3. Waste carton paper pulping line
4. LOCC paper pulp making line
5. OCC paper pulping system

Paper Recycling Line Overview

D Type Hydrapulper High density cleaner → Inclined thickener → Mid consistency coarse screen → Reject separator → Mid density cleaner → Mid consistency pressure screen → Inclined thickener → Double disc refiner → Toplayer Paper Machine Screen → Inclined thickener → Paper machine screen of underlayer

We also offer high-quality pulping equipment such as drum pulper, high density cleaner, reject separator, etc. If you want to settting up a waste paper recycling plant, please contact us to learn about these equipments and technical issues.
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