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Stock Preparation System Light Impurity Separator

In order to allow customers to gain more profits, our company provides excellent performance of light impurity separator for pulping production lines. The light impurity separator of paper pulp equipment is mainly suitable for the removal of light impurities and tailings pulp treatment in the coarse screening process, especially with reject separator. In addition, we offer complete paper and pulping equipment.

Light Impurity Separator Work Principle

The pulp outlet chamber of the rotor is higher than the bottom surface of the casing, forming a low pressure area around the rotor to collect heavy impurities. Under the action of centrifugal force, heavy impurities are thrown into the outermost layer of the vortex, deposited in the slot outside the sieve plate and discharged. At the same time, wear on the knives and sieve plates is reduced and their service life is prolonged.

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