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Triple-layer T-paper Approaching System


There are three approaching systems for Kraft paper, T-paper making: top layer approaching system, medium layer approaching system and bottom layer approaching system.

Approaching System Equipment

The approaching system equipment includes: Finished Pulp chest & fan pump, Pulp concentration and sizing pulp control system, White water barrel, Fan pump, Inflow pressure screen, Vibrating screen, Head-box, and the relevant pipes, valves etc.

Paper Machine Approach System Notes

1. Finished pulp chest needs to keep a high and stable pulp level, and it requires a reliable agitator for the pulp chest to ensure that the starching pulp stability & consistency, and try to minimize the entry of air in the pulp.

2. The pulp pump after pulp chest is equipped with pulp concentration and sizing pulp control system, including pulp concentration adjustment, pulp flow adjustment units. Through the concentration sensor on pulp pump outlet pipe to detect the outlet pulp concentration of the pulp pump, by adjusting electric dilution water control valve on the pump inlet pipe to adjust the inlet dilution white water flow of the fan pump. So that the pump outlet pulp concentration stable at the set value; Through the outlet flow sensor of the fan pump to detect the flow value of the fan pump outlet, and through the electric sizing pulp control valve of the fan pump outlet to make the pump outlet pulp flow stable at the set value, for energy saving, the pump use inverter and inverter special motor, adjust the sizing pulp flow large scally can be achieved by adjusting the pump motor power supply frequency;

3. White water barrel is the most important part in approaching system, collect the white water from paper machine wire section, release free gas from white water, provide a stable pulping conditions for fan pump. White water tank priority receives the cloudy white water from paper machine wire section, lean white water from the wire suction box to replenish the insufficient part.

4. It is best to choose the low pulse double suction pump as the fan pump, this can reduce the pulse fluctuations of he pulp,

5. The pressure screen before paper machine is inflow type, the inflow pressure screen is mainly to be pulping the fiber bundle & fiber group in the pulp, reduce the on-board pulp pressure impulse, reduce the fluctuation of the pulp to reduce the paper making process fluctuation.

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