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Use Of Cleaning Oil For Paper Machine

Thoroughly inspect the lubrication system before starting cleaning. The trough type beater manually removes the anti-rust oil applied to all parts of system (for the circulating lubrication system of new equipment), The cloth used in the horizontal reeling machine must be lint-free to avoid clogging the oil path.

Basic Requirement About Cleaning

1. In order to prevent the oil from being brought into bearing by cleaning oil, it should be isolated on the bearing inlet.

2. Add cleaning oil according to the capacity required by system. The viscosity of cleaning oil is generally lower than viscosity of selected lubricating oil, which is beneficial for purification.

3. In order to enhance cleaning effect, it is best to heat the circulating cleaning oil.

4. The cycle time of hot cleaning oil in the system can be determined according to the size of device. The small device is generally 1-4 hours, and the large device is slightly longer.

5. After the cleaning is completed, release cleaning oil from the system and manually remove impurities that fall into the tank.

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