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What Kind Of Water Is Suitable For Pulping?

Good quality water is an essential element in paper production. For many paper products, the quality of water is very important. When producing high quality products, the requirements to water quality are more higher.

Using Water Source For Pulping

The water source for the pulp and paper industry is divided into surface water and groundwater. Surface water contains varying amounts of organic and inorganic matter, and bacteria and other contaminants are present in the water. Groundwater contains a high concentration of soluble minerals, mainly calcium, magnesium, iron salts and silicates.

Method For Water Purification

The methods of surface water treatment are: 1) clarification or precipitation; 2) filtration; 3) Condensation followed by precipitation and filtration. Commonly used water treatment flocculants are alum, polyaluminum chloride, ferrous sulfate and the like. For some special papers such as capacitor paper, electrical insulation paper, etc., water needs to be softened and desalted, and the boiler water needs to be softened.

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