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When Sizing Agent Encounters Paper Machine Roll

When the surface sized paper passes through the curved roller and the paper guide roller, the glue on the paper surface adheres to the roller surface, which is difficult to remove, and causes the following adverse effects on the production.

The Effect Of Sizing Agent In Papermaking

1.The paper guide roller and the curved roller after the severe adhesive have a flatness of the surface, which makes the sizing uniformity of the paper worse, and it is easy to have hard rubber scratches on the surface of the paper, which reduces the surface quality of the paper and affects the yield of the paper.

2. The adhesive adhered on the surface of the roller 2 becomes very hard after drying, and it is easy to cause paper breakage and paper guiding difficulties when the paper is turned on again, thereby affecting the amount of papermaking.

3. Because the roller surface adhesive is hard and firm, it is very difficult to remove. It must be removed with a sharp instrument such as a blade or a paper cutter. It will damage the nickel-chromium anticorrosive plating layer on the roller surface, causing the flatness of the roller surface to drop, making the glue more sticky. The roller and the surface of the roller are more and more corroded, which accelerates the rust of the roller surface and affects the quality of the paper.

4. The adhesive bonding roller surface is very firm, and it is necessary to remove the adhesive and minimize the damage of the roller surface, thereby increasing the labor intensity of the worker.

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