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3200mm Double Fourdrinier Multi-Cylinder Paper Machine

According to the user’s design requirements for the project, our company makes the following technical specification for the 3200 mm double fourdrinier multi-cylinder paper machine.

3200mm Kraft Paper Machine Technical Specification

Product variety: kraft paper

Basis weight: 80-200 g/m²

Net of paper width: 3200 mm

Track: 4300 mm

Design speed: 100-180 m/min

Production: 100 tons/day

Transmission form: AC frequency conversion drive

Calculate papermaking rate: 95%

Calculate yield: 96%

Paper Machine Parts

paper machine equipped form: Open headbox – double fourdrinier section – two Φ1250 large roll diameter presses – 14 φ1800 dryers – size presses – 8 φ1800 dryers – two roll calenders – B/M meter (reserved position) – horizontal reeling machine

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