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100,000 Tons Fireworks Paper Production Line


100,000 tonnes per year LOCC processing line for fireworks paper successfully commissioning, the produced firework paper sells well. 

Leizhan successfully commissioned 100,000 Tons LOCC processing line for Jiangxi Wanzai Jinke Paper Co., Ltd.. China.

The 100,000 Tons LOCC processing machines contain Pulping, Cleaning, Screening, and Tailings handling system equipments. Main machine supply: Chain conveyor, Drum pulper, High density cleaner, Low density cleaner, Pressure screen, Fiber fractionating screen,  Fiber separator, Reject separator.

At its Yichun city location, Jiangxi province, Jiangxi Wanzai Jinke Paper Co., Ltd. produce high-quality fireworks paper.

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