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Awarded To Leizhan Outstanding Paper Machinery Supplier

On 23th Sep, 2020, awarded to Leizhan ourstanding paper machinery supplier in China International Paper Technology Exhibition. Here are some information about this exhibition and Leizhan company for paper mill project.

China International Paper Technology Exhibition

1. Date: 24th – 25th Sep, 2020
2. Location: Suzhou Internationl Exo Centre, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China
3. Leizhan position number: A68
4. Leizhan exhibitions: manager, professionals, technical personnels.
5. Exhibition equipment: pressure screen, other paper mill machine.

Awarded To Leizhan Outstanding Paper Machinery Supplier In This Exhibition

Over the 40 years, we are committed to manufacture and supply quality equipment for paper mill project.
In this paper technology exhition, Leizhan company was awarded to the title of outstanding paper machinery supplier with its professional skills and good reputation.
Our unit set of machinery can be used for different paper mills, such as tissue paper mill, kraft paper mill, corrugated paper mill, cultural paper making plant.

Any questions about this exhibition, our company and equipment for paper mill production line, feel free to email or message us. Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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