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100T Packaging Paper Making Line Machine

As we know, paper packaging is eco-friendly packing material.Our old clients want to start 100t packaging paper project. So our company Leizhan designs and manufactures full range of pulping and paper machine. You can select the machine based on your raw material and capacity needs. High performance but less maintenance to create more profits.

100T Packaging Paper Machine

Basis weight: 80-200gsm
Trimmed width: 3200mm
Designing speed: 100-180m/min

Pulping Line Machine For 100T Packaging Paper Making

waste paper → D Type Hydrapulper → High Density Cleaner → Pressure Screen → Light Impurity Separator→ Reject Separator → Pressure Screen → Double Disc Refiner → Inflow Pressure Screen

Our complete set of pulping machine for 100t packaging paper production has been put into operation in many countries. Insist on providing high performance and stable machine. If there’s any needs, welcome to email us or leave your contact info on this website.

Email address: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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