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200T Kraft Paper Pulping Line Machine

Kraft paper is widely used in various packing boxes. Leizhan uses advanced technology to produce all kinds of pulping machine for 200T kraft paper project.There’re top layer pulp production and bottom layer pulp production.

Kraft Paper Two Layer Pulping Machine

1.Top layer pulp production:
Raw material: wood pulp
Pulper: D type hydrapulper
Cleaner: High density cleaner
Screening equipment: Fractionating screen
Refiner: double disc refiner

2.Bottom layer pulp production:
Raw material: waste paper
Pulper: D type hydrapulper or drum pulper
Cleaner: High density cleaner, Mid density cleaner, Low density cleaner, Reject separator
Screening equipment: Fractionating screen, M.C.pressure screen, fine screen

Many customers who want to start making 200T kraft paper have ordered our full set of pulping equipment. Technicians always provide the most suitable machine design solutions for customers’ raw materials and production needs. Welcome to email us. Email:leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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