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A4 Copy Paper Machine For Sale

A4 copy paper is widely used in our daily life. Customers adopted our A4 copy paper machine and matching pulp equipment, certainly, they got great benefits. There are some details.

A4 Copy Paper Machine Information

1.Raw material: wood pulp, virgin pulp, waste paper
2.Finish paper: A4 paper, copy paper, office paper, etc.
3.Trimmed width: 1880 – 3750mm
4.Basis weight: 40 – 80gsm
5.Production capacity: 20 – 270t/d
6.Operation speed: 200 – 1200m/min

About A4 copy paper machine, our professional enginner will design the technical proposal depend on your demand. Welcome to email or message us. Our email:leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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