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Automatic Paper Rewinder For Corrugated Paper

Paper rewinder can rewind the original paper roll produced by the paper machine into finished paper that meets the requirements of width and elasticity. Leizhan provides paper rewinder suitable for all kinds of paper, such as packaging paper, toilet paper, etc.The machine has advantages of reliable operation, low cost and long service life.

General Specifications of Paper Rewinder

Trimmed width: 4700mm
Designing speed: 1500m/min
Working speed: 1200m/min
Guage: 6000mm
Pickup speed: ≤25m/min
Original paper roll diameter: φ2500mm
Finished paper roll diameter: φ1500mm
Motor power: 508kw
Control system: PLC programmable control

Leizhan is professional company in paper industry. Paper rewinder is one of our products on hot sale. Many paper mills have ordered our machine for their project, like hydrapulper, pressure screen, refiner and all kinds of paper machine. If you need more details of rewinder or other machine. welcome to email us.

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