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Disc Refiner For Corrugated Paper Project

For corrugated paper project, our company’s disc refiner is an ideal cleaning equipment in production line. Disc refiner is mainly used for pulping, improving slurry beating degree to meet the corrugated paper making needs. At the same time, we also supply paper machine in corrugated paper production line

Disc Refiner For Corrugated Paper Project Overview

1. Equipment: paper mill disc refiner
2. Project: corrugated paper project, kraft paper project, etc.
3. Suitable for material: wood pulp, mechanical pulp, chemcial pulp, waste paper pulp, etc.
4. Adopt constant power control system, beating effect is stable.
5. Easy to control, energy saving and accurate retract mechanism.

About disc refiner, our professional will give you details, including quotation, specifcation, using effect in paper mill production line. Welcome to email or message us. Our email:leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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