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Flotation Deinking Equipment For Paper Pulp Making

In the deinking process of waste paper, flotation deinking equipment still occupies the mainstream due to its easy operation control, good stability, and strong equipment adaptability. Leizhan company offers flotation deinking equipment for our customers. The unique device structure allows the pulp to circulate internally, and the air is used multiple times in the pulp, thereby greatly improving the air utilization rate and ink removal efficiency.

More Details About Flotation Deinking Equipment

1. Layers: 3-5
2. Consistency: 1.1±0.1%
3. Consistency of ink: 2-3%
4. Ink removal rate: ≥95%
5. Pressure of input pulp: 0.14-0.2Mpa

Our flotation deinking equipment has been put into operation in many paper mills at home and abroad, and brought them satisfactory profits. With 40 years of industry experience, Leizhan provides customers with professional
technical support and perfect services. If you need any pulp and paper machine or parts, please contact us.Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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