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How To Get Better Pulp For Paper Mill

Pulp plays an important role in this process if we want to make paper high quality. Our company is equipped with a full set of pulp machine in the paper production line to save energy and reduce investment.


1. Correct selection of pulping equipment
Poor quality machine wastes your raw materials and increases your investment and maintenance costs. Leizhan has a complete pulping equipment on the kraft paper production line. It does not have these problems and gets better pulp acceptance.
2. Several properties that need to be paid attention to in the papermaking process
Weight Average Fiber Length: Generally speaking, the paper strength of long fiber pulp is higher.
Fiber Intrinsic Strength: Fiber intrinsic strength is one of the basic factors that make up the strength of paper.
Bond Strength and Adhesion: The basis for the in-plane fiber-to-fiber strength of the paper and the basis for the tensile strength of the paper.

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