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Low Cost 3600mm 3 Layer Corrugated Paper Machine


3 layer corrugated cardboard paper is mainly introduced as inner packing material, which is widely used in the market. Many customers place an order on 3600mm 3 layer corrugated paper machine of our company Leizhan. The low cost 3600mm corrugated paper machine works continuous and produces high output corrugated paper, which will bring more profits for your paper mill. In addition, our company Leizhan provides complete set of pulp making machine for our customers.

Information of 3600mm 3 Layer Corrugated Paper Machine

1. Paper grade: Corrugated/Fluting paper
2. Trimmed width: 120mm
3. Production capacity: 300t/d
4. Working speed: 500m/min
5. Structure of corrugated paper machine: Headbox, Fourdrinier wire section, Press section, Dryer section, Hood, Sizing Press,  etc

As a leading company in paper industry, Leizhan specializes in making complete set of pulp&paper making machine. Most of our customers not only ordered the 3 layer corrugated machine, but also placed an order on full set of pulp equipments for their paper business, inculding drum pulper, high density cleaner, M.C.pressure screen, reject seperator, etc. More than 50 skilled engineers and more than 40 years paper industry experience will be your best support. Welcome to email us to know more details. Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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