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Multi-cylinder Kraft Paper Machine Price

Comparing with other providers, our company’s multi-cylinder kraft paper machine has advantages of less price and stable running. Whats’ more, we also supply a whole set of pulp and paper machine.

Technical Date

1.Raw material: waste paper
2.Trimme width: 1880 – 5800mm
3.Production capacity: 30 – 750t/d
4.Basis weight: 80 – 220gsm
5.Operating speed: 150 – 800m/min
6.Output paper: testliner/kraft/cardboard paper
7.Cost: cheaper and higher quality than others
8.Advantages: save energy, reduce maintenance, improve efficiency, run stably, etc.

About our multi-cylinder kraft paper machine, our professionals will introduce you in detail and meet your requirements, welcome to email or message us. Our email:leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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