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Paper Pulp Pressure Screen For Tissue Paper

As our growing demand of quality for living paper, many paper mills want to produce it with high quality and low cost, which paper pulp is important for this process. So our company provides pressure screen that palys significant role for tissue paper making. Besides we also supply complete set of pulping equipment in tissue paper making line.

Paper Pulp Pressure Screen For Tissue Paper Making

1. Main role
Pressure screen could screen of various waste paper in coarse and fine screening process.
2. Advantages about it
High efficient, save energy, less loss of fiber and maintenance cost, attractive price, etc.

All NSK bearing from Japan.
Advanced mechnical seal from the United States.
Automatic oil injection from Korea.
Automatic water injection from Finland.
Screen basket from the best Chinese manufacturer.

Our paper pulp pressure screen has been installed to a lot of projects for tissue paper making line. If you need more details about our machinery, or have problems in paper making process.welcome to email us. Our email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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