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Pulp Machine Fiber Separator For Sale

Leizhan is an excellent manufacturer and supplier of pulp and paper machine. In paper making process, the pulp machine fiber separator affects the quality of finished pulp. For this reason, our company supply fiber separator to customers.


1. Function
The two type fiber separator are mainly applied for secondary breaking and screening of waste paper pulp, meanwhile, separating the light and heavy impurities from the pulp.
2. Single effect fiber separator
Capacity: 50 – 500t/d
Concentration of input pulp: 2 – 4%
3. Single fiber separator
Capacity: 30 – 265t/d
Concentration of input pulp: 2.5 – 4%

About pulp machine fiber separator, our professional will give you details, if you need, we also have many other pulp and paper machine. Welcome to email us. Our email:leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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